[Limited period]

When you sign up for a new Midori Plan, the basic charge is free for 3 months!

Campaign target period

August 1, 2020-October 31, 2020

Campaign target conditions

Customers who meet all of the following conditions

  1. During the campaign period (August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020), sign up for a new green plan
  2. The Midori Plan service has started from August 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.
  3. There are even customers who are occupying J&K managed properties and can access the special website for this campaign from the QR code described in the sent guide material, and apply through the website.
  4. Select credit card or automatic debit as the payment method
  5. Select email as the contact method for invoices and information from Ginny Energy
  6. Contract capacity 30A-60A, contract capacity 6kVA-50kVA, or contract power less than 50kW


Green plan basic charge 3 months free

Target area

Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo (excluding islands), Kanagawa prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture (east of Fujikawa)

  1. Except for the application from the special website of this campaign or using the service application form sent to the customers who are occupying the property managed by J&K, this campaign is not eligible.
  2. Applications through Genie Energy sales agents other than J&K or agents are not eligible for this campaign
  3. If the plan is changed or canceled during the campaign application period, the application of this campaign will also end.
  4. It cannot be applied in duplicate with other campaign benefits that we carry out.
  5. If you apply for the same name multiple times in the same demand place during the campaign period, the discount will be applied only to the period applied to the first application.
  6. Currently, customers with a contract capacity of 10 to 60 A, contract capacity of 6 kVA to 50 kVA, or contract power of less than 50 kW can apply for the green plan.
  7. Please note that the contracts covered by the campaign are only contracted capacity 30A-60A, contracted capacity 6kVA-50kVA, or contracted power less than 50kW.

The basic charge is cheaper than that of conventional electric power companies. In addition, the basic rate for 3 months is now free.

*Conditions apply

The unit price of electricity for Genie Energy is very simple. The unit price within the same month is the same.


Detailed description

Plan description

The basic charge is low, and the electric energy charge is the variable rate (*1) based on the market price multiplied by the electric power usage.
(*1) The fluctuation rate fluctuates every month. The monthly floating rate is applied for each charge calculation period, and the information will be announced on the customer-only website (My Page) by the first business day two months before the month to which the end of the charge calculation period belongs.
(Example) We will inform you of the rate of usage (charged in June) from May to June by the first business day of April.

*For the first month of service start, the rate on the day of application will be applied.
(Example) For customers who applied in April, the April rate will be applied for the first month regardless of the service start month rate.

*If you are not satisfied with the applicable rate, you can cancel without a cancellation fee.

* [Green 3 Plan] and the plan name will be displayed on the contract details and invoice details during the application period of the 3-month basic charge free campaign. After the end of the 3-month basic charge campaign, the plan name will be changed automatically and the normal [Midori Plan] will be displayed.

Calculation method of electricity charges

*The maximum demand capacity is the maximum capacity (kVA) of electricity used at the same time.
*Electricity charge = Basic charge + Electricity charge + Renewable energy power generation promotion levy.
*The renewable energy generation promotion levy is calculated by applying the renewable energy generation promotion levy unit price (see the website of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy) to the amount of electricity used in that month.


*Customers who have subscribed to a charge plan such as all-electric, solar, and hourly plans are not recommended because the charges may be high.
*We do not provide services to some areas such as Okinawa and island areas. Power does not apply to the above charges. Please contact us for details.
*In the month when electricity is not used, only the basic charge will be charged.
*Electricity supply method, supply voltage and frequency shall be as specified in the terms of service.
*Contracted current and contracted capacity will inherit the previous contracted current and contracted capacity.
*If you would like to change the contract current and contract capacity after concluding the contract, please contact Customer Care.